“Why do I need a blog about bras?”

simple answer:

Almost everything we were taught about bras was wrong.

A few years ago I regularly needed physical therapy due to back pains. Some years and many illfiting bras later I am now pain free. The quite shocking solution to my problem was: I need bras in 26FF.

When I ask someone, how he imagines this size, I get to hear “anorexic teen with soccerball-breast implants”. If I google the German equivalent of my size, 55H, I get woodstoves.

My body is unspectacular. I am slim, my boobs are just at the border between average and big. Maybe one would estimate me for a 32C. There is an obvious gap between our imagination of bra sizing and reality. Its like with that stupid niche in kitchen that one forgets to measure before visiting IKEA. You think you know its size– until you try to put a cupboard in there. (Spoiler: it does not fit.)

The big difference is, that a cupboard creativeley folded into a kitchen niche does not cause back- or headaches, skin irritations or postal deformities. That all makes raises the question: How is it possible for a topic that can decide over pain vs. no pain in everyday life to be so much off truth? Where is all the information?

It’s here. This bra blog brings light into the darkness of the laundry drawer. For you, when you return home after a long day of work and take your bra off befor your shoes, this blog is for you.

And now?

Unfortunately, this blog is still in the process of being translated. A good starting point would be this article: “why do women wear illfitting bras?”. If you already know that one, consider returning in a few weeks when there is more english available. Or consider learning the glorious language of German, because we have words like Schadenfreude, or, like Antibabypille, or KRANKENWAGEN.