Hi! I am Una, a 23 year old product design student from Germany.

I need bras in 26FF.

Even though I am pretty weird in many concerns, my body is pretty normal. I’ve got an unspectacular slim figure with medium sized breasts. Since I suffered from inexplicable back pains for a long time, I started to question my bra size.

By doing so I stumbeled across right out scandalous conditions concerning the German bra situation. Over long researches and many tries I got from 34B to finally 26FF and am now pain free.

Because that sounds so crazy, here is a proof picture:

(Left picture is me in an illfiting 75C (= 34C) bra, the right one in a fitting 55J (26GG). The bras of that brand run very, very small.)

During this whole time, my body did not change, but now my boobs look awesome, I can run down stairs without holding them and barely feel my bra at all because it is so comfy.

On this blog I will show you how bras work, will warn you concerning myths and misinformation, give tips and answer questions around the topic bras. I will help you to find your perfect bra!

Welcome to Braradise!

Questions? Critique? Additions? Leave a comment or reach out to me under Braradise@t-online.de!